This series of engaging children’s books has been developed by Health and Safety Publications Ltd and written by educational psychologist, Ann Linehan. It offers busy parents, guardians and teachers a resource which aims to develop safety awareness.

Based on our Sam and Sue characters we have developed a range of colourful child friendly school posters, signage and floor stickers for Primary Schools. These informative materials will encourage children to learn the basic principles of hygiene and help them understand the rules in relation to Covid-19.

Upcoming Books in Series

Road Safety

Road and traffic safety is an important life skill to teach, so do it a fun way!

Water Safety

A must read for young children nine and under to help teach them how to stay safe around water.

Stranger Danger

The book about “stranger danger” and how it’s important to avoid getting lost in a big crowd.

Fire Safety

Discusses preventing fires, developing a family emergency exit plan, and what to do in case a fire starts.

Your child has a lot to learn about the world, and safety is of the utmost importance. Whether it’s dealing with strangers, learning fire safety, having fun in the swimming pool, or even walking around the parking lot, there’s a ton that kids need to learn to stay safe in the world. But with so many distractions, from the iPad to the TV to the latest Youtube video, it can be hard to sit kids down and teach them important information about safety.

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